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Eviction Mediation & Request for Order

When someone receives an eviction notice in Santa Ana, CA, the situation is never cut and dry. There are often extenuating services that have not been taken into consideration. Fighting an eviction through the courts by hiring a lawyer can be quite expensive, and if there was enough money to hire a lawyer in the first place, the eviction would probably not be happening. The opposite is also true; if you own a place and want to evict the tenant, it can cost a lot of money if you hire an attorney. For both sides of this coin, there is another solution. It all starts with contacting O.C. Family Mediation Services. We want to help, and for a lot less money than hiring an attorney. 

At O.C. Family Mediation Services, one of the things that we have helped many people is eviction mediation. We want to help you to come up with a fair and safe solution to your eviction problem. If you would like to come up with a resolution through eviction mediation, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Another way that we can help at O.C. Family Mediation Services is with a request for order. If you were to contact a lawyer and ask for a request for order, you would also end up with a large bill. At O.C. Family Mediation Services, we can do the same thing, but for a lot less. If you are interested in learning more about O.C. Family Mediation Services and the many ways that we can help you, take the time to look over our website at There is a lot of helpful information there. At O.C. Family Mediation Services, we help those in and near Newport Beach, Lake Forest, and Santa Ana, CA. Call us today for all your mediation needs.

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