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Spousal Support Mediation & Division of Assets Mediation

Do you and your spouse in Mission Viejo, CA want to get a divorce? Are you worried about how much your divorce is going to cost? How are you going to decide how your marital assets are going to be split? Is spousal support going to be part of the arrangement? Can you feel your bank account draining just by thinking of how much it will cost to be able to answer these questions? There is another way to divorce and dividing your property without having to pay high fees to lawyers, and ending up with bitterness and resentment. You can come to O.C. Family Mediation Services. We offer a different approach to the situation. 

At O.C. Family Mediation Services, we want to help you to come up with the best solution when it comes to who gets what. That is why you need to see us about the division of assets mediation. We can all sit down together and figure it out. With a division of assets mediation, we will help you to come up with a plan that works for both of you. 

Another way that we can help at O.C. Family Mediation Services is with spousal support mediation. This can be a hard thing to figure out, and if you hire a traditional lawyer, there might be a lot of anger flaring. With spousal support mediation, we will come up with a fair plan for both spouses. If you’d like to learn more about O.C. Family Mediation Services, please visit our website at On our website, you will learn more about why mediation could be the best way for you to go. At O.C. Family Mediation Services, we help those who live in and near Irvine, Santa Ana, and Mission Viejo, CA. Call us today for family mediation services.

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